Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010-2011 A New Year - New Challanges

2010-2011 will bring new challenges to my world with new courses and more opportunities to experiment with technology. From Interior Design to Fashion Design to Child Guidance to Principles of Human Services to Interpersonal Skills I will have the opportunity to expand both my knowledge and the knowledge that my students will gain throughout each of their courses. I look forward to the new challenges and hope that both my students and my experiences will be awesome.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thing #23: My Thoughts about Library2Play

23 Things to learn while playing @ your Library has been an awesome experience this summer. Who would of thought that the world wide web could be discovered by simply follow the yellow brick road to see the magical wizard with all the knowledge. However the yellow brick road for me was following the steps provided for the variety of activities in the Library2Play online training. Each and everything that I researched and discovered in the different things brought me closer to reaching the wizard in the Emerald City and avoiding the wicked witch.
Along the way I was able to make new acquaintance's and provide feedback for their journey. And at the end of the yellow brick road I discovered that there is no magical wizard at the Emerald City and that there is no wicked witch to prevent new adventures on the Internet.
Just like Dorthy, my ruby slippers clicked together with the knowledge of what I have learned on my life long learning journey will take me back to my classroom with the skills needed to enlighten and amaze and encourage my students to be lifelong learners. So as the new musical Wicked demonstrates there is always another perspective to the story that may be untold. In conclusion, Thank you for this awesome opportunity to expand my horizon's and gain the courage to start my new Ning: Family Consumer Sciences Web 2.0 and Beyond in Texas. Join me on this new adventure!!!!

Here is a podcast from YouTube: The Untold Story of The Witches of Oz.

(I hope that you enjoy this as much as my daughter and I did when we saw the musical production here in Houston Fall of 2007).

Thing #22: Nings.....Taking the Plunge!

In researching Nings and the opportunities that they offer educators and students I realized what a wonderful way for us to establish a social network that is for a specific subject. I joined Classroom 2.0 and Ning in Education for contact with other professionals that are currently using Web 2.0 in their classrooms.

Next....I toke the plunge and created a new Ning titled Family Consumer Science Web 2.0 and Beyond in Texas. My hopes for this Ning is to connect with other educators and gather resources that can be used in the many different courses that each of us teach in FCS. I have entered by first blog entry on this site and requested that fellow members let me know what they would like to see in this Ning.

View my page on Family Consumer Science Web 2.0 and Beyond in Texas

Thank you for introducing me to this new opportunity! This is a new adventure for me......I will have to let everyone know how it works out!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing #21: Podcast......and more.

This exercise was so much fun that I have spent the past six hours searching Flickr Creative Commons for photo's for my Photo Story. The inspiration for this podcast is the first project that I have my design students create. They are given set criteria to find photo's in magazines that represent items that inspire them and tell me a little bit about themselves. In the past I show them a poster that I created and explain what each picture represents and how it relates to me. How fun would it be for them to be able to create a Photo Story from the Internet that would introduce their creative talents to the class.

I hope that you enjoy the Photo Story, let me know what you think! (Help Please.......When I view this on my blog it does not play........can anyone help me fix my mistake.......uploaded from my computer........Thanks!)

Once my photo story was complete I signed up for an account with Switchpod and uploaded my Photo Story as a podcast. My podcast is: What Inspires You? which includes photo's, text, transitions and music. Please note that when you click on the above link it ask you where to save the file. It placed the video feed in my bookmarks in the top tool bar. I was able to play it from that location. If anyone can explain why the system does this I would appreciate your feedback!

PS - Not ready for video camera and microphone - will work on this with my Ready Set Teach students this fall.